D*FACE teams up with ZIPPO

World-famous contemporary urban artist DFace created a 7 x 11 meter mural, for the first London Mural Festival. The mural shows his typical illustrative collage inspired imagery, that he is known for. The festival, which took place in September, is supported by the cult brand Zippo.

Zippo just introduced a new series of their classic storm lighters with new street art designs. One of it show the artwork D*Face painted in London.

D*Face says: “It’s really exciting to be part of this project with Zippo. As a native of London, I’ve gotten pretty used to using the city streets as canvas all my life, so it feels right to be a part of the very first London Mural Festival. As for the lighter itself, I’ve now accepted that my murals are temporary, but it’s great that this mural is going to have some sort of miniaturized durability that you can pocket. Cool to imagine that a lighter has become such an unconventional channel for urban art. “

Located next to the Theatro Technis Theater in London’s King’s Cross, the D*Face mural is part of over 40 large-format murals and artistic events that are presented in September as part of the capital’s street art festival celebrations.

Here you can see a nice making of video the mural in progress and the artist at work.

Three other new Zippo lighters show artworks from Tristan Eaton, Marija Tiurina and Pref.

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