Tankpetrol and Queenkong in Berlin

Tankpetrol and Queenkong just finished this massive 42 meters tall mural, which they painted in Berlin in 7 days.
Title: “2268miles & Luchadora Pachamama”.

“Duality and history … Tankpetrol created the first wall of the “Pilot Girl” on the UN- prodcution office for Urban Nation. 2019…the pilot girl is back again on 45 meters to watch over everything, fight for space and for freedom. Yet 5 years later now she has changed – she has evolved and her second nature is beautifully painted by the lovely duo QueenKong interpretation of what art needs to be fighting for : Luchadora Pachamama – preservation of nature ,justice for all mankind, a symbol of safe home for all humans regardless of their journey and origin, gender or generation …. some people who live where we painted this mural travelled 2268 miles to find a new home a new place to grow roots and find peace … all this project is about is balance in the world and our vision of : One Love and Equality !! “

Curated by @strychninberlin .
Supported by  URBAN NATION
Photo: Nika Kramer Photography

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