“Fragile” by Dulk in Jacó, Costa Rica

Antonio Segura Dona a.k.a. Dulk presents his new artwork “Fragile” in Jacó, a coastal town in Costa Rica, showing a colorful toucan on a tree with a special kind of beak. Compared to other street art pieces, this mural has a deep and melancholic story behind it.

“This is probably one of the most special murals I’ve ever painted. It’s based on a true story about a mistreated toucan found in Costa Rica three years ago named “Grecia”. Her story made headlines worldwide after surviving an alleged attack that destroyed most of its upper beak. The toucan received the first 3D print prosthetic beak thanks to a joint effort that included a crowdfunding campaign and the collaboration of companies in Costa Rica and the U.S. Grecia has become a symbol of their fight to get an Animal Welfare Bill approved by the Legislative Assembly. I had the chance to visit her after producing my mural and the experience was very unique. “

Grecia with her new 3D printed prosthetic beak




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