Flowers by Nils Westergard

Nils Westergard is a recognized contemporary street artist from Virginia. He signs his pieces with a butterfly, it comes from a painting he did in high school that he started to re-use at a time in his life when things really started to come together. He loves a dirty, graff riddled, decaying wall. A wall with history and a story to tell. He is not much a fan of big white walls. He would better get them dirtier and nastier. In the following photos, you can see his the works with women who are having flowers in the hair. We love this kind of walls!


Girl with flowers, Los Angeles, USA, 2018

Girl with flowers, Waynesboro, Virginia, 2018

His works are dedicated to his friends, treating them in a way that is normally reserved for people of social or historical significance and then he has more political/social work, which is mostly about authority.

Girl with flowers, Wevelgem, Belgium, 2018

Girl with flowers, Washington, DC, 2018

Girl with flowers, Greensboro, North Carolina, 2018


Photo Credit: Nils Westergard



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