“Riding her horse” – mural by Artez in Almaty, Kazakhstan

“Riding her horse” mural

Artez about his new artwork:
“During my travels, I came across many different cases of people living in fear that family will abandon them if they don’t do as they are told. In my world, men and women are equal in their freedom. They have an equal right to choose the direction of their life and equal right to do whatever makes them happy. He will ride her bicycle proudly, without fear of being judged, and she will choose a man she wants to spend her life with. He will be a “housewife” if he wants, and she will pursue her career and become the “man” who provides for his tribe. Their life will belong to them and their families will be there to support, not to exploit. Learning about tradition and values that are important to our teachers can only do us good, but freedom of choice should never be taken from us. If we choose to follow the tradition that we are proud of, we might as well do it while riding a ladies bike, just because we want to!”



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