ARDIF art on the streets of Düsseldorf

ARDIF is a French artist who deals with mechanics behind living entities. His drawings mostly present animals, which become a mechanical being.
ARDIF’s animals are divided indeed: While the one side is completely natural, the second half portrays a transformation with mechanical and architectural elements.
The contrast between this binary opposition creates an engaging tension for the viewer.
Above that, ARDIF enlarges his drawings and introduces them as Paste Ups into the street.
By now, Paris’ urban image cannot be thought of without the divided natural and mechanical animals.

Explore ARDIF artwork through the city tour:

His exhibitions in Paris are sold out, on Instagram he has more than 23,000 followers. For three days, the street artist Ardif was in Düsseldorf in October and has left visible traces.
Several of his paste-ups, that is, posters made with glue, adorn Düsseldorf’s streets. “I hope they will stay awhile and will not get rid of street cleaning too fast,” writes Ardif on Instagram. He calls his works “Mechanimals”. The Parisian motifs are a mixture of animals and mechanical elements.


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