Graffiti homages to hip-hop heroes – in pictures

In homage to the early 80s, when graffiti and rapping were inextricably linked, British photographer Janette Beckman asked some of the world’s most important street artists to reinterpret her archive photographs of hip-hop legends.

Artist: Run-DMC


Artist: Lady Pink

One of the few female graffiti artists working in New York at the time, Lady Pink says: ‘I chose Queen Latifah because she’s one strong female that I’ve admired forever! Her vibe is inspiring. I don’t follow hip-hop music but she’s one of the few personalities that I do recognize. She is just gorgeous inside and out. She’s my Queen!’


Artist: Cycle


Artist: Claw Money

Fashion designer and graffiti artist Claudia Gold, AKA Claw Money says: ‘I started writing in my early 20s – I was late to the party! The first wall I ever painted was in JonOne’s studio in Paris in 1990. I chose Salt-N-Pepa. This was all about female empowerment and I loved these girls for it!’


Artist: Ces


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