GIANT street art around the world

We would like to introduce You some of the best large-scale graffiti around the globe. Why we are so amazed? We believe that it doesn’t need a lot to explain,  just look at this photos of the giant works from the cities all over the world. You could stare at these massive murals for hours and still You understand, there is more to see, then You even have time to spend looking, these masterpieces are really detailed. And we have to say, size matters for sure, it’s months of works for these artists.

ecb, Busan, South Korea, 2012

Ella & Pitr, Lillith and Olaf, for the Nuart Festival, Stavanger, Norway, 2015

Etam Cru “Good Morning”, Boras, Sweden, 2014

Meg Saligman “Muses”, Philadelphia, USA, 1999

The city of Philadelphia is resplendent with incredible works of public art, and many of them originated in the mind – and on the computer – of artist Meg Saligman. Saligman, known for works like “Philadelphia Muses” (above), “Theater of Life” and “Passing Through”, creates the designs and then works with the community so they can paint the murals themselves. Her designs have been brought into reality with the paintbrushes of city residents and even prison communities. Saligman’s work isn’t limited to Philly – it can be seen around the world. Among her works is the largest publicly funded project in the U.S., located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

ROA “Alligator”, Atlanta, Georgia, 2011


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