Let´s introduce an innovative approach to mural paintings – SprayPrinter

SprayPrinter has developed a robot that is fondly referred to as “Albert”. Albert was developed specifically by the SprayPrinter team to paint images in any size to any surface. Albert has painted on such extreme structures as a 500-foot smoke stack. Brick surfaces, wood surfaces, vinyl surfaces – it doesn’t matter, Albert paints them all with ease and never gets tired. In fact, Albert can paint over old vinyl billboards without pre-coating.
Two outstanding values that SprayPrinter offers with the use of Albert: much more cost-effective painting and a significant reduction in the time required.
SprayPrinter.com is committed to adding value with the focus on art – “Art enhances ads”.
  • Winner of Prototron 2015
  • Among the top 10 most disruptive technologies from TechCruch Disrupts in 2015
  • The Most Innovative Startup Award Hardware Launchpad Tallinn 2016
  • Creative Business Cup Estonia 2nd place 2016
  • Winner business ideas competition Ajujaht 2016
  • Best Pitch Award at Latitude59 Investor Day 2016
  • Winner of TechChill Pitching Competition 2017
  • Winner of DIY Summit Pitching Competition 2017

See how SprayPrinter works and who’s behind that magic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y9ucQ79kp0

Check out their activities here! + NB! Read about the team!: https://sprayprinter.com/albert/






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