Triennale in Brugge

This year´s triennale with the motto Liquid City is taking place in Brugge, Belgium.  A giant whale sculpture by STUDIOKCA made out of plastic, collected from the ocean, gives attention to the pollution of our seas. About 150.000 tons of waste are still swimming in our waters.

Installations and sculptures, regarding the topic, can be found all around the city and can be visited for free until the end of the triennale in September.

The 11 meter high sculpture Skyscraper (The Bruges Whale)  from STUDIOKCA is located at the inner city at the canal.

„Our first thought led us to thinking about the biggest liquid city on the planet (the ocean), how it connects us all, and how the waste produced and consumed in our cities, specifically plastic waste, ends up in the ocean.“ 


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