1010 Mural in Mannheim

The anonymous artist with the mysterious name 1010 painted a new mural in Mannheim, Germany. The artist developed his figural graffitis during the years into an abstract and complex style. He creates illusions and dimensions that trick the viewers mind and are physically impossible. The mural was supported by the “STADT WAND KUNST” (SWK) festival in Mannheim, Germany, running since 2013 and sponsored by German Spray paint manufacturer Montana-Cans.

They emphasized the importance of the early graffitti szene, beeing a main influence and pioneer of urban art, such as murals:

“All artists invited to SWK have their roots and beginnings in the Graffiti scene, that’s where it all started eventually. Without Graffiti, the mural and street art movement as we see it today would most likely not exist.”- Alexander Krziwanie, Creative Director at Montana-Cans.



To see more of 1010 visit:







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