Caithlyn Hacket & her weired dystopian creatures

When you take a first look at Caithlyns work of art it may shock you – seeing polluted landscapes, which hold mutated and mutilated animals – it feels like you are looking into a dark vision on the future of human kind. But you should take a second look; you should give it a second chance and you might find it not so weired and scary anymore because there is something magnificant hidden inside – between the lines.

The California based artist Caitlin Hackett creates crazy and wonderfully disturbing drawings and paintings, which will change your mind and perception. Her kind of intimate, small-scale drawings, as well as her life-sized paintings will enchant you in learning more about the bleak worlds portrayed.

Caitlin’s fascination with nature itself started when she was just a little girl, believing she’d grow up to be a wildlife biologist. On her youth, she says:

“As a child I wanted nothing more than to be a wild creature, and along with my twin sister I spent my days galloping and howling through the forest around our home. This desire for the animal form lingers with me, I am obsessed with the detail of fur, the ripple of muscle beneath skin, the pull of bones into a form similar and yet alien to my own. There is a lost kinship between man and beast, and I have long been drawn to this shifting boundary between us.”

That kinship can be found all throughout Caitlin’s work – in between that fine line, which separates animals and humans in her pieces, showing a bleak perspective on what’s in store for all of us. She tends to use her love for nature as well as her huge talent for art, to spread a message that we all have to protect the environment, our planet, our world. There is so much more in between – so much more we might not understand but should surly not underestimate.

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