Gosha Levochkin´s crazy art worlds

Gosha Levochkin´s  work of art is different – in many ways. It is colorful and weired; it speaks to us and  shows us strange worlds, often rendered in watercolor and gouache.

The artist likes to work with these kind of mediums because they provide him freedom working with mistakes. He said that he loves “the transparent feel that watercolor gives [him] and […] the opacity that gouache [offers]. All this makes his work of art look like animation, where he includes autobiographic features.Gosha is currently based in New York City.

His work of art is inspired by streetscapes – influenced by his experiences working as an animator and growing up in Los Angeles and Moscow.For three year (2013 to 2016), Gosha was half of design collective DevnGosha with Devin Liston. Their work included in equal parts fine art and street art and was featured in a different magazines like Issuu, Hi Fructose, Milk Made and many more.

He works for different companies like Mike Epps, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Jenny Lewis, Netflix and he has also recently been posting digitally made art on his social media channels.

For further information check out his website and Facebook!






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