Fernando Leon: PROJECT 12+1 artist of this month

The street artist Fernando Leon got invited by the Contorno Urbano Fondation of Spain to paint a mural for the 12+1 project  in Barcelona.

12+1 is an open air art gallery, which changes each month – meaning, one can experience twelve artists over a period of one year, which cover one fifty square metre wall. The project is going to finish with one final exhibition, presenting each of the artists’ unique work.


This month it is the artist Fernando Leon – a freelance illustrator and mural artist from the Netherlands – who created a wonderful painting with funny characters. Starting his graffiti career in young years, he always has had a huge passion for gigantic murals, which he shows us with his magnificant work of art called “Greediness”.

Fernando Leon says about the meaning of his work of art: “People always want more and are rarely satisfied with the things they already have. It’s good to find a balance between this. Don’t let greediness bring you down. I don’t want to make a statement that ‘Greediness’ is a bad thing. It’s also a good thing. But what I like is that people can interpret it on their own way and find their own story in it.”

Where to find the wall: at Calle Rosalía de Castro, just opposite the L1 metro exit for Torrassa, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

If you want more information about the project check out the website below!





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