SPAIK for Bloop Festival 2017

The BLOOP Street Art Festival is an avant-garde art project by BiokipLabs and it will officially be taking place from 23rd August to 9th September in Ibiza – turning an entire island into an open air gallery – for everyone, for free!

It can be seen as a celebration of People and Arts, showcasing everythigs with art, form fine arts to new arts. You will find anything such as graffiti, video mappings, cutting edge music, paintings, sculptures, different workshops, as well as interactive installations and so much more.

The topic can be named “CHANGES”.

It is Spaiks second time on the white isle for BLOOP Festival art project and for this one he created a magnificant snake in vibrant colours inside a tunnel. Itˋs just amazingly scary and beautiful at the same time – taking you totally in when you walk through the tunnel and underneath the ody of the reptile.

There will also be a variety of other murals and installations, which are sprinkled across the island, counting over 20 pieces of art.



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