Pastelˋs New Mural in Sweden

The Argentinian artist Francisco Diaz aka Pastel recently painted a new piece in Säffle, Sweden during his summer trip through Europe. He got invited by the Artscape festival, creating a work of art including one of his floral composition on a residential building in the area.

The given structure matches his choice of colour perfectly – nicely bending in a varity of red, orange and pink tones with the almost black facade of the building.

There is a striking contrast between the extensive, almost ornate imagery against the strict architectural lines, which creates a quite smart connection between the building itself and it’s wonderfully quaint waterside surrounding.

The huge but delicate plants are shown as if they are growing directly on the buildings wall – adding some colour to the rather lush environment.

This work of art is no different from Pastels other amazing pieces. It is always the last stage of his study – working through four stages in all – from a sketch, to watercolour, to paint on cavas and finally the wall of a bulding, like this one. Thereby, he always wants his paintings to tell itˋs viewers something; to work with the environment; to not simply “be” but to find a connection.


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