SABEK in Hamburg

Sabek, a street artist from Madrid, has recently visited Hamburg in Germany to paint something wonderful for Walls Can Dance project organised by Urban Art Institute. He has spent 4 days working on the mural called “Evasion” – bringing nature on the wall.

Sabek started his career at the age of 16, when he used to write his name on walls just for fun. Out of this, something bigger developed and today he paints outstanding murals all over the world – declaring his art a huge part of his life. It gave shape to him the same way he gave shape to his art over the past couple of years.

When he is asked what inspires him, he says: “Everything inspires me, daily stuff, but very often some unstable or difficult moments of my life, they really stimulates my mind.”

He wants to paint the world.

For more information about the artist: check out his Facebook and Instagram!


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