CURA in Brazil

From July 26th to August 6th, there had been the first edition of CURA – Urban Art Circuit in Belo Horizonte. CURA was the third mural festival in Brazil – attended by five national and international experienced artists: Thiago Mazza and Priscila Amoni, from Belo Horizonte; the Acidum Project from Fortaleza, formed by the artists Tereza Dequinta and Robézio Marqs; and the Spanish artist Marina Capdevilla that is visiting Brazil for the first time. (See pictures below!)

You will find the murals painted in large format on the blind sides of 4 buildings in the center of Belo Horizonte, which are up to 50 meters in height and 37 meters in width. They selected these four walls because all four lateral sides can be simultaneously seen from Sapucaí street by the new and first street art viewpoint of the world.

The festival also offered a great cultural program with discussion panels about art, parties, an art bazar, film screenings and several guided tours – focusing on the transformation of Sapucaí Street into an effervescent cultural corridor, with potential to equal the most charming, creative and interesting streets of the main cities of the world.


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