Sascha Korban´s “Harmony”

Sasha Korban created his mural “Harmony” for the Wall We Trust International Street Art Festival in a picturesque town of Airola near Napoli. It took him five days creating his work of art – with which he is trying to show the importance of harmony and balance in everything in life, as well as inside oneself.

The whole wall is used to show us a beautiful young woman, wearing a delightful, white dress – captured in a dancers pose, holding a cherry-cupcake in her right hand. The artists only uses black and white – working with shadow and light in an extravagant way, which makes this painting look quite real. You might want to get over there, taking the cupcake out of her hand.

He says about him attending the project: “Personally for me, the participation in this project was an incredible experience, that is why I am thankful to the organizers for invitation, for given opportunity to create a mural in such a wonderful place. I am thankful as well to the citizens of Airola with whom I spoke each day and who impressed me by their positive energy, hospitality and delicious food”


“Harmony” by Sasha Korban in Airola, Italy

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