Scott Radke´s wonderful weired sculptures


The beautiful bizarre sculptural pieces of artist Scott Radke hold a powerful force, which catches you right away. Through isolated and dark forest clearings, his weired characters show up looking like malignant creatures, who aren´t really scary but who draw you right in. There is this force that seems to provide a feeling of comfort – through their kind looking faces and familiar symbols embedded into their bodies- and you want to get to know their mystical world. It seems like they are willing to share part of the darkness with us – only through their voiceless presence.


Scott figure are birds, bats, moths and dramatic witch-like creatures who are keeping the meaning behind these souls hidden, allowing the viewer to make up their mind and explore their own meanings. They are set amongst nature – their “home” – in between trees and other plants, which really brings them to life.

One can say that these little forest-creatures sometimes look like they bear a common symbolism – transforming different meanings into flowing energy. They show off a peculiar charm – holding something in their green, intensely sculptured faces, often deeply wrinkled, which gives them an ageless wisdom.

Scott has developed his own, unique style –  after working as a mixed media artist for many years – including sand sculptures, sidewalk drawings and large-scale murals. In the last few years though, there has been a noticeable settling of his, into the shadowland; bringing fantastic imaginary world to life. He isn´t scared of working at the edge of the darkness, wildly raving with madness and unpredictability.



For more information check out his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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