NEVERCREW´s piece of art for “Stadt.Wand.Kunst”

NEVERCREW, an artists duo from Switzerland, has been doing a lot of work of art lately and here is their brand new piece called “Propagating machine” in Mannheim, Germany, which they created for Stadt.Wand.Kunst project.

When you take a look at this mural you see some egg-like, shiny, geometric figure with contrast from the wall it is painted on. The 3D skills are incredible – it seems like you are able to touch it and due to the application of color in context of shadow and light it gets it´s super-realistic appearance; kind of looking like ice. Under this so-called “icy-egg figure”, there is a little painting of machinery with little colorful penguins sitting on it.


Quote by the artists: “This work is about the balance between the elements, about the relation between mankind an nature and about how, within this relation, each element could affect the system of which is part, both in a negative or in a positive way. It is about immediate effects and long term consequences that could seem not tangible, so about the importance of single acts or global attitudes towards the environment in which everyone live.”

The Stadt.Wand.Kunst project has been decorating the streets of Mannheim since 2013. Check out the making of video of the mural and their website!



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