Buff Monster: New Solo Exhibition

Buff Monster is back – and he created a huge new mural and solo show at Stolenspace Gallery in London opening tonight!

For this show Buff finished an edition of small paintings and painted cans, which can be connected to one story – ones you will find in comic books.

For everyone who doesn´t know Buff Monster: The guy with this funny name is a New York City street artist who tries to make this world a better and brighter place by using vivid colors, bold lines and funny characters to make great work of art – mostly influenced by heavy metal music, ice cream, pop art, Japanese culture and graffiti.

His new solo exhibition starts tonight and he cannot wait for it, saying: “The art is finished! I’m really happy with all the pieces, and I am excited for you to see them. I was able to re-visit some old favorites, like painting flattened spray cans, and explore some new styles and methods as well.”

If you want to know more about Buff Monster check out his website, shop and Facebook!





Preview: Buff Monster “Something Melty This Way Comes” Solo Show @ Stolenspace Gallery, London, UK


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