Lora Zombie´s “Screaming Art”

When you look at Lora´s art there is one thing about it you can not deny: it screams. The pictures hold a narrative attitude, laced with quick-wit. Her technique includes the so-called ‘grunge effects’, which come from the early grunge poster art – combining a bleeding of watercolour in a variety of colours, scratched-out fonts and splashes of paint.

The style is synonymous with the early Ray Gun Magazine styling of David Carson, elements of Jean-Michel Basquiat and the more painterly styling of Susan Rothberg. Her main mediums are fluorescent ink and watercolour, where she takes the different tones from the greatest palette of all, nature itself! Together they bring to life bold narrative statements, which whom Lora is willing to touch nerves and illicit a response!


Lora Zombie started sharing her craft during her teenage years drawing fan art in the internet forums of the band, Gorillaz and in the Banksy forums and with growing confidence, onto the social media stage: Tumblr, Facebook, Deviant Art and Instagram.  She is grateful for these social media platforms, which helped her work to be seen by the masses – without them her work of art might not have reached the community otherwise.


Her grunge art has been described as chaotic – she says in an interview:
“The word ‘chaos’ is especially appropriate…but the thing is that without harmony you cannot do it, too. The harmony is in colours, which I take from the best and endless source of colour solutions: from nature”

If you want to know more about the artist go and check out her website! (see below)




The Witty Grunge-Based Narrative of Lora Zombie


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