Ethos: three new murals in Brazil

The Brazilian street artist Claudio Ethos created not one but three new murals in Sao Joao da Boa Vista, Brazil. The main one shows a portrait in memory of Brazilian writer, poet, playwright, journalist and translator Pagu – the first woman who stood up for women rights and the first one who got arrested for political motives. Therefore, she played  a large role in the Brazilian Modernist movement – especially for women.

The mural is a beautiful portrait of her in a variety of shades of gray painted on a dominant, red wall. Her presence seems strong and self-confident – looking straight into ones eyes. Around her are several attributes like two hands holing a pen and some kind of tool, or flowers and birds. It closes up with a banner showing the year of her birth – 1910. The mural is also located at her place of birth. The other two murals (see below), which – in contrast to this one – seem less outstanding, can be found in the same city.

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