Odeith: Crazy Illusions

Sergio Odeith,  a Portugal born street artist, is known for his optical illusions created on walls all over the world. His first steps toward street art was experimenting with Graffiti in the 1990s. Today he likes toying with his work of art and the viewers perception – trying to trick the viewers eye.

From the beginning, Odeith has been working with a special style of using perspective and shading, which he later called “sombre 3D”.  The compositions, landscapes or portraits, messages or homages used to stand out in their realism and technique – painted with spray cans in surfaces, such as 90-degree corners or from the wall to the floor.

Since 2005, he has been gaining international success – so he managed to close his tattoo studio; working full time as an artist for a lot of big companies like Coca Cola, Samsung or the city administration of Lissabon.










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