Beautiful figurative murals: women and water

Sean Yoro, usually called Hula, is a street artist who creates huge murals above waterways – using those to interact with his paintings, which leads to an amazingly stunning combination of women in water.

He originally comes from Oahu, growing up with the ocean – being a surfer during his younger years. This influence can be seen in his work of art nowadays: he uses oil paint to create his beautiful murals all over the world – leaving behind massive but delicate ones like these:

Hulas semi-submerged murals bring life to empty spaces – usually working on shipwrecks, abandoned docks and forgotten walls. His oil painting method creates fragile figures of women interacting with the water – surface in an delicate way – showing a connection between narue and human beings.

He has an online shop where you can get a variety of his paintings in postcard format:




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