Boy Kong – A New Way of Combining Traditional & Street Art

Boy Kong, an Asian-American artist based in New York and Orlando, comes up with a new way of combining Traditional and Street Art into absorbing three-dimensional work of art.

Kong is known for his graffiti and street art, his different illustrations, as well as his art toy creations and skateboard design. He illustrates, paints and then hand cuts and layers pieces of wood or acrylic to create his work of art, which usually incorporate a varity of vivid colors while his subjects often portray a rather bleak message.


His latest work of art hold on to what he is known for but takes it to the next level. Boy Kong shows us a new way of mixing it up and creating pieces that combine Traditional and Street Art. Here we have “First Flower Tiger Pelt”, a piece of art that is made out of different textural elements with acrylics and oil, also including materials like horse hair  and custom wood cuttings.

Boy Kongs murals and oil on panel work of art have a kind of traditional dimension but they seem to carry a kinetic vibe which creates a relation to the shape of the canvas.

He is inspired by a varity of elements like Ukiyo-e, Surrealism, Graffiti art and animal folklore – all mixed together with a mastery of color and rhythmic application. It´s a new creation of aesthetic – a sensibility manifested on the ouside walls in his murals. He often plays with images of animal creatures in a surrealistic way, like the mural below:



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