“Throwing leaves against Machines”

Vegan Flava is a swedish streetartist who grew up in a city on the west coast of sweden. He currently lives in Stockholm. 

He paints a lot of skeletons with a dark color plate. The newest mural “Throwing leaves against Machines” shows a skeleton, looking to the side, leaves falling down around it. The exact place of this piece is unknown. Vegan Flava wrote to Streetartnews that this piece was inspired by his anger and fear about how humans treat nature. He feels huge disappointment and worries about the future for our kids and what kind of environment they are getting born into. The skeleton is looking a little up, its face a little lighter, looking into the future. This stresses the thought about the future. You can feel the anxiety, the future as something unknown creeping up from behind in your thoughts. At the same time this works radiates  silence. To be honest I feel really calm while looking at it. What do you guys think of it?

“The relation to nature and our fellow animal species need radically to change right now! And everyone of us are responsible for it. Nature rights and animal rights are concerns also human rights, it’s deeply interconnected.” (Vegan Flava)

Check out Vegan Flava’s other works on Facebook and Instagram!

Sources: Facebook, Instagram, Streetartnews

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