Reading makes you grow..

..And that really visual in this piece by streetartist Artez. The artist uses beautiful floral patterns in combination with photorealism. “Reading makes you grow” is part of a mini-series. It took Artez eight days to complete. The other works are called: “Let it out” and “To take care of”.

While “Reading makes you grow” is in Mumbai, Serbia, Let it out was found in Belgrade, Serbia. “To take care of” is the only canvas of this series. 

These pieces invite the spectator to think about the titles and the works, and what values Artez want’s to promote.   They show interaction between human figures and floral motifs. Recently we haven’t heard much about Artez so it’s even better to find such beauties now. Not only do the flowers and the human figure interact, the scene in which the mural is set fits perfectly.

What do you guys think about it?

Sources: Streetartnews, Instagram, Facebook

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