A Medieval Town Getting Some Fresh Color

Imagine a medieval like town, only 400 people living there and inbetween: vibrant colors. Gola Hudun an italian street artist painted countless murals in the city Civitacampomarano, Italy. He uses vibrant colors and floral and geometrical shapes. It seems as if he paints some plants into the city which is dominated by stone. 

Streetartnews says: “(…) the artist plays with gestural painting, which could be called action paining… more free and more destructurated shapes, violent and soft at the same time. Gola Hundun plays with the contrast of red and dark colours (which is the action of painting part of the piece, the destructive part) and the green together with bright colours, which the artist generally uses to make up shapes and the constructive parts of the composition.”. 
Sources: Streetartnews, GolaHundun

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