Classical Mythology meets Urban Art

Pichi & Avo are a spanish duo scince 2007. Together they have created a new fascinating technique of deconstructing the classical iconography of greek mythology. It collides with urban art elements and creates a powerful, rich of color, new composition. Earlier works have been surrealistic. They have also done awesome live paintings with incredible artistic quality. Such a duo is rare!

On their website it says: “Spanish based artist duo, are recognized for their ability to ignite relationships between art, sculpture, architecture, space and social contexts. Their style adopts a focus which is both beautiful and performative, firm in its discussion and totally the perfect deconstruction of classic art and contemporary urban art, in order to create a new fusion, which whilst faithful to its classic heritage, creates a new and exciting vision of art. PichiAvo are one since 2007, fleeing from the self-centeredness of graffiti, united to create a single piece of work, reciting a conceptually urban poetry, born from the artistic formalism of the street, transferring fragments of a wall to the canvas and from the canvas to the wall in a personal version.”

These latest murals have appeared in Miami, Hawaii, and New York. Check out their work!


Hifructose, Pichiavo, Pichiavocontent, Facebook

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