Flying Visitors across the World

Cédric Le Borgne is an artist inspired by the environment around him. Each artwork is unique. “I work with the real and from the real.”, he says. There are no boundaries for him, meaning: he explores many different techniques and art forms.  Photography, Video, installations, performance, street-art, web-art etc. With each work he integrates his world in ouers and invites us to dream, to travel in thoughts and to view our environment in a new light/ from a new perspective.

These sculptures are called: Les Voyageurs

On his website it says: “Cédric Le Borgne’s art opens the eye, offers the possibility of a connection, subtle and free, between the sky and the earth, between dream and reality, the poetry of daily life.”

I don’t know about you but some pictures reminded me of Peter Pan and the dream to be able to fly. Check his website out, there are awesome pieces, enjoy!

Sources: CedricleborgneJuxtapoz

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