The Paper Game

You can find Case Ma’Claim’s newest work in “The Haus” in Berlin. “The Haus” is on Nürnberger Street 68, Charlottenburg, Berlin. In case you want to check it out: there are only 200 people at once allowed to be in the building. Scince it is an awesome old office building which will be demolished soon there are a lot of people who want to see the great artworks by 170 street artists. None of the about 100 office rooms is left in it’s original shape. Don’t wait too long, the building will be dismantled and destroyed in 2 months!

Case Ma’Claim is a german street artist who lives in Frankfurt. He primarily uses spray paint and creates fascinating photorealistic images. “The Paper Game” has a special 3D effect. Ma’Claim often shows us giant hands in his works. We can see that in this piece too. 

Sources: Instagram, rap-n-blues, widewalls, streetartnews

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