Fat Free Art’s new exhibition: Fem-is-in!

Fem-is-in, Women reimagining the future. 

This is the title of the new exhibition in the Fat Free Art gallery in Manhattan. The title says it all. Strong artists show that women are still fighting for equal rights. The fight for equality is not over yet. There is a new wave of activism going on and this exhibition is a part of it. You can see that there is a lot of inspiration from street art.  

The gallery describes it like this: “Unafraid of their senses, they’ve consciously made their way in the world trusting their inner voice and used the power of reflection to create spaces and objects that translate, empower and uplift our universal life force energy.” 

What’s special about the gallery itself are the walls. On the website they promise: “We’re not putting up gallery walls… we’re tearing them down!”. This concept shows street art in it’s natural space. On “surfaces made of brick, cement, wood, plexi and metal”. A prior show was a solo Show of Dain from Dec. 9 – Jan. 9.

The exhibition features the artists Alice Mizrachi, Diana McClure, Gilf!, Jane Dickson, Janette Beckman, Lady Aiko, Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, Queen Andrea & Swoon and is curated by Alice Mizrachi.

Fat Free Art, 102 Allen Street, NYC, 10002.


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