New Collaboration Of Stinkfish & Empty Boy

The two columbian street artists Stinkfish and Empty Boy teamed up again to create a mural next to the Museum of Modern Art in Medellína, Columbia.

The duo has collaborated before. This newest piece shows again Empty Boys great work with stencils and Stinfishs unique use of vibrant colors.

Stinkfish’s identity is unknown. He prefers to stay anonymus due to the separation between his artistic persona and his “regular-day-to-day self”. Stinkfish’s name was made up when he started to paint ‘stink’ on public places (f.ex. walls, tables, toilet stalls etc.). It had no reason at all, he simply liked the meaning. Later he then added ‘fish’. An important device for Stinkfish’s development of ideas is photography. He always carries a camera with him, as he says, to take pictures of places, objects and most importantly people. These people aren’t always aware of him taking pictures. Stinkfish says that he is not “tied to a single creative process”, he often just goes out of the door to paint anything anywhere.

See below some older collaborations of the Duo in Bogota, Colombia:

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