A comment on the past, present and future of Shoreditch

The artist STIK finally got the permission to paint this mural in Old Street at Shoreditch, London.

The 3 figures represent the past, present and future of this popular part of the city.

The first one is looking back to a district that used to be home to a lot of artists. The figure in the middle is quite uncertain of how long the few remaining artists can afford to stay here, because the rent is increasing constantly – Greetings from the widespread phenomenon gentrification! The third figure is looking at the future with – as the artist says – trepidation. Stay or move is yet to be seen.. This mural is only visible for some weeks of the year because most of the time it is covered by a huge advertising hoarding.

STIK still lives and works in Shoreditch, even though he had to move from his old studio one year ago, as it has been converted into offices…

Sources: Stik.org, Shoreditch Streetart Tours, The Guardian

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