‘The migrant and the liberty’

With the mural ‘The migrant and the liberty’ in the French city Lurcy-Lėvis Alaniz, an Argentine artist, wants to call attention to the current discussion about what freedom means in the todays world and who might deserve the right on it. Due to this the world population seems to be falsely separated into some who can live in freedom where ever and whenever they want to and those who are determined by “frontiers, nationalities and races.”, the migrants.




Freedom doesn’t knows about frontiers, nationalities or races. Freedom is an state in your mind that can be reached even if your body is imprisoned behind bars, walls, or wars. You can be born in the country of liberty and at the same time being locked behind wrong ideas or manipulated perceptions of reality, or you can be sentenced to death in a lost prison and reach the deepest revelations of life and the spirit. We must learn to be free in our minds even if our bodies are chained to the madness of a nonsensical world. The real borders are withing our minds. Based on a picture of a group of young man detained by the French Police, when we were crossing the border between Germany and France by train.”                                       – Alaniz


Sources: Alaniz Instagram, Urbanshit

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