Wolfgang Krell “Wummenizer” Show at Pretty Portal

Last friday was the opening reception of Wolfgang Krell´s solo show “Wummenizer”


Wolfgang Krell ” Münchner Freiheit”


Wolfgang Krell ” Uzi Obermaier”, “Locher”




Wolfgang Krell ” Fade to grey 01-04″


Wolfgang Krell “S.I.K. 05 & 06”


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Krell-Wummenizer-11 Krell-Wummenizer-12 Krell-Wummenizer-13   Krell-Wummenizer-16

The show title „Wummenizer“, which contains the german word „Wumme“, a slang expression for guns, alludes to the english word „Womanizer“. It brings the motifs of portraits of women and the weapons to a common denominator and combines them to fit together.

The combination of dynamic Tagstyles, color splashes and stencils with elements of contemporary painting dissolves the threatening nature of the weapons, while his woman portraits satirize the sternness of facial expressions and mimics of Beauty Photography by punky, colorful hair.

Krell’s intense, contrasting colors, which he stages in front of a white surface, catches the eye instantaneously. The colorful and positive approach of his artworks dispels the negative semantic content of the weapons and the inherent seriousness of the beauty portraits. Wolfgang Krell’s imagery seems disarmingly and makes his motives in a pleasant way approachable.

Wolfgang Krell  – “Wummenizer”
9.3. – 10.4.
opening reception 6.3. 7pm

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