Ador – Toothless Campaign

The Street Art Crowdfundig organisation We the Vandals starts another campaign to support the french Artist Ador. Adors new project is called “the Toothless” whose name refers to a memoir written by France’s former first Lady, Valerie Trierweiler. She claimed that Hollande contradicts himself by presenting himself as a socialist hating the rich but at the same time , in private, mockingly calling the poor “sans dents” – “the toothless”.

Ador documents different stages of repainting his murals by photographing and turning the still images into an animation that tells a story about two anonymous activists who oppose their elected officials. It shows the fight against the clash between rich and poor.

The project’s first goal is to reach 133 $ to fund 1 minute long film and continues in small steps to reach 10 mins that cost 1330$.


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