New limited edition Screenprint from FinDAC: Agent O

Pretty Portal just announced the release of “Agent O”, the new screenprint from FinDAC.

“Killer Instinct”, the last screenprint from FinDAC sold out in minutes. Fin DAC has also recently painted the key visual for the STROKE Artfair in Munich, so it is to be expected that the demand on his works will rise.

The prints will drop on tuesday, 12th of march at 4pm (CET).The beauties will be available here:


Agent O (orange), Edition of 50, 150€

AgentO-bronze web

Agent O (bronze), Edition of 25, 180€

Handpulled Screenprint with painted colour splash in acrylic and additional spraypaint styles and splashes on Somerset 300g/m, 56x76cm, signed&numbered.
The color splash and spraypaint styles are handpainted, so every print is slightly different and unique.

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