Introducing LAGUNA

Well Laguna does not really need be to introduced anymore. For those who have not heard from him yet, here some infos about him.


Laguna is one of the new outstanding protagonists of the spanish urban art scene. His large-size murals can be found on numersous buildings in Spain, Brazil and the USA.  Last year Laguna participated in the Cityleaks Festival in Cologne and left his marks for the first time in Germany.

lagua cityleaks

In his works Laguna concerns himself with the varying pictures, which people usually create of each other.
As Laguna himself says „there are different persons that every one of us is carrying inside him-or herself, how they relate to each other and to other persons in the outside world.“
According to those deviant positions the interaction between people results in divergent layers of reality. Added to those layers there are surreal moments, that break with the steady and constant everyday life.



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