Introducing: Pau Quintanajornet

Born in Chile, Pau Quintanajornet today lives and works in Cologne and is one of the few well-known female streetartists in Germany.  Pau prefers the direct color application by brush and spends a lot of time with the walls she is working on. The colorful and delicate murals and wood works mostly deal with the quest for identity and the meaning of life. In this spirit, her mostly female characters represent human emotional states, such as love, melancholy and courage. To convey her messages, the young artist makes use of the contrast between day and night, both with their specific patterns and opposed colors.




Pau Quintanajornet is also part of the crew “Turronas“. Their work depict each members unique style harmonizing perfectly with each other.

More about Pau Quintanajornet and her work.

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