Shining of the Black / Light

Bussey Building, Peckham Rye, „Black/Light“ Installation by ROA, Phlegm, Robots
25th Februar – 5th March
London, SE1 54ST


The outer of the building, a disused waterhouse in Peckham, has been decorated with the distinctive animals from Belgian artist, ROA. Large scale monochrome characters and designs from British artist, Phlegm, complement ROA’s animals perfectly. As you enter the building into darkness, you are immediately handed a torch, inviting you to tentatively and quietly explore and discover the contents of the space. Shadows, ghostly figures and acoustic sounds, combined with projections create a feeling of total disorientation. Walking around we can identify a multitude of objects, animals, figures that form a hidden city.


Roa 3

A piece made by Phlegm and Robots together:


A giant wooden robot looking at the street:



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