SAM3 at Pretty Portal Gallery

Pretty Portal Gallery announces a solo show with SAM3 in may.

The artwork of SAM3 is ironical, poetic and inspiring. SAM3 is well known for his large scale black and white paintings that remind of shilouttes or shadows.

His paintings focus through the reduction of colours and clear shapes and theirintense presence is like a magnet to the observer.

His works are dominated by figurative elements, which are in the state of metamorphosis. His protagonists are growing from the wall and stick stick to their surrounding by large roots that  develop out of them.

SAM3 is born in spain, lives in Madrid, but his artworks can be seen around the world. Besides his paintings he produces experimental stop motion shortmovies.

Exhibition: 07.05. – 04.06.
Vernissage: 07.05. 19-23h

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Pretty Portal Gallery
Brunnenstr. 12
40223 Düsseldorf

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