Hush at Shooting Gallery

Passing Through is a darker body of work visiting the concept of life and death.
This progression on the part of Hush reveals deeper, more mature paintings. Following
in suit with themes of the ephemeral, these works are inspired by Hushʼs frequent
travels and the graffiti he documents along the way. Each transient mark is evidence of
one action and one creative expression, despite its gradual degradation over time.

Hush has developed a process of layering and defacing his canvases to mimic years of
tags and wheat paste on a city wall. To begin, Hush covers the canvas with paint, graffiti
tags, and collaged photocopies from graphic novels and old comics. He then uses
blown up hand drawings of manga girls and screen prints them onto the canvas,
embracing the mediumʼs imperfections by masking off specific parts to be hand painted
in later. Hush paints and tags between screens to achieve a complex multilayered
texture, defacing the work to reference the weathered, transient quality of street art.

Passing Through
New works by Hush
Opening Reception: May 1st, 2010, from 7-11 pm.


‚Looking West‘ Show Print
Shooting Gallery – San Francisco, 1st May 2010

Looking West‘
Edition 50
5aps, 2 pps
Size: 600mm x 600mm
on textured 300gsm paper with hand torn edges
Giclee print with 4 colour screen print & spot varnish
Signed and numbered by the artist
Price: $400

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