case (ma´claim): Bekannter Fremder at gallery pretty portal

case  is one of the members of Graffiti- crew MA`CLAIM, who brought the photorealim into graffiti. Ma´claim is AKUT, the male part of the artist duo HERAKUT, RUSK and TASSO.  Together they invented the style of Graffoto and gained very fast a big interanational reputation for that.

Since 16 years case is working with spraycans and in the last years he started his solo carrer, showing and selling art.  Starting in the streets, the art of case is now to be seen in galleries from London to Los Angeles. case, who lives in Frankfurt/ Main focusses on different aspects in his work. On one hand we have a detailled description that looks slick and heavily rouged.  On the other hand we have surrealistic elements, which are setting up a tension between image and observer.

case is painting his pictures on rough materials like corrugated cardboard which he fixes together with selfadhisive tape. This structure is the synonym for the walls case is used to work on.

more art of case:

case: Bekannter Fremder
27.3. – 20.4.

Vernissage 27.3. 19h

Galerie Pretty Portal
Brunnenstr. 12
40223 Düsseldorf

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