TASSO Ma´claim Interview

Das Online Magazin graffart.eu hat Tasso, Gründer und Mitglied der Ma´claim Crew und Schöpfer des Begriffs Graffoto getroffen und interviewed.

Let us begin as usual-introduce yourself- tag, crew, where do you come from ?

I’m TASSO, born 1966, living in Meerane (former German Democratic Republic). I was trained as a butcher, later as a builder.
I started noticing graffiti in the mid-eighties, when I also started using stencils and spraying simple slogans.
I seriously started in 1991 and have been spraying ever since. Ma’claim was established 3 January 2001, the crew consists of AKUT, CASE, RUSK, TASSO plus our Internet specialist Ms SCHRÖE:

How many years ago you lost your normal life ? and do you feel sorry for it?

I’ve been a self-employed sprayer since 2000 and I still think that was the best decision of my life, even if I have sometimes been fearing for my existence during the winter months for the last two years.

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Quelle: http://graffart.eu

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