Stroke 02 in Munich

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Last Week “stroke 02″ artfair for urban art in  munich was the place to see a load of intersting artwork and galleries.






Ma´claim Crew and Herakut made life performance in front of the building.  In the pictures you see Hera, the female part of the artist duo Herakut at work.


Herakut in the exhibition





Belgian artist ROA presented a very impressive piece which gave an outside and inside view on he rabbit .. with a little surprise.








Pretty Portal gallery presented ecb Hendrik Beikirch, SAM3 and Pascal Schwendener, student of Peter Doig at Düsseldorf art academy.

mac1 (4)

mac1 (6)





Very colourful work by Berlin artist Base23.




Some canvas by french stencil artist c215.




Graffiti veteran Shoe from amsterdam presented calligraphy in  the room of artyfarty gallery.

Peeta “sparkle and fade” show at pretty portal

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peeta2009 webflyer

Starting on October 30th the well-known international graffiti artist Peeta exhibits his work at Pretty Portal Düsseldorf and is therefore seen in a German gallery for the first time.

The Italien artist Peeta (alias Manuel Di Rita) made his first graffiti in a small town somewhere between Venice and Padua in 1993. Today, sixteen years later, Peeta’s work is an inherent part in the international graffiti scene. Here, at Pretty Portal, Peeta can be seen in a German gallery for the first time.

This artists style is extraordinary: Beginning with organic conceptions in his early work, Peeta soon develops his very own typically typographic style, that is characterized by its impressive visual depth and unique 3D-composition. For some years now Peeta is, next to his wall pieces and murals, also working on canvas and sculptures. In the artists opinion those media don’t exclude, they rather inspire each other. Working on a sculpture gives him new ideas for wall pieces, while on the other hand those graffiti inspire him to build the same furious forms in a sculptural way. The wall graffiti are dynamic and outstanding – the works on canvas show the same energy but with more privacy. Peeta shows his skills and experience on all areas.

Not only Italy, but also the Mecca for graffiti, New York City, influenced Peeta’s work: In 2003 he became part of the FX crew of New York City and three years later he shall be a RWK crew member. At home in Padua he already was part of the EAD crew. Together with other famous international street artists (for example ecb or Loomit, both already held an exhibition at Pretty Portal) he’s always looking for new projects all over the world.

Next to his activity on graffiti and street art, Manuel Di Rita is working as an industrial and product designer. That’s another important impulse for his art, which is best expressed in his sculptures. Here polyurethane, wood and cellulose acetate meets leather, paper and cardboard. This combination of design and graffiti is one of the characteristics of Peeta’s art, that causes a permanent further development.
30.10. – 27.11.
30.10. /19h – 23h

Pretty Portal
Brunnenstr. 12
40223 Düsseldorf

more Information:

Seen and ecb – Hendrik Beikirch

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Graffiti veteran and pioneer Seen with german base streetartist ecb – Hendrik Beikirch in front of a new work by ecb Hendrik Beikirch at Public Provocation Show in German.

photo by ruedione

ecb – Hendrik Beikirch at Pretty Portal

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Einen Sommer
ecb – Hendrik Beikirch
8.5. – 5.6.2009

8.5.  19h
with  DJ Lee Bass

Graffiti as aesthetics between art and act of willful damage, sign language for the speed and mobility of modern urban Indians – these characterisations of wall art from the spray can are widely known. With his work on canvas, Hendrik “ecb“ Beikirch now shows that rather than following the pathway from the underground into the respectability of art galleries, graffiti is an art of space and its representation. He does not transfer the sign language itself from walls onto canvas, but rather captures the topographical scenarios in which this language takes place. Stairways, bridges and arcades are the topics of his canvasses, with a wide sky spanning above as a symbol of anarchy and the open space for which the art of graffiti was originally designed. In these imaginary visions, anonymity and secrecy metamorphose to near photographic perfection. A deliberately minimised colour palette and a blending and running of colours evoke the melancholy of a bygone era,
reminiscent of images from the early age of photography. Here, graffiti has been transformed into
an art of ephemeral beauty.

Pretty Portal
40223 Düsseldorf