New Illustrations by Phlegm

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Well known for his comics, amazing graffiti and street art works, cartoonist and illustrator Phlegm currently busies himself with the artwork for his new book.




C215 – New Stencils in London

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Starting his career with freehand-graffiti and sketching, C215 now belongs to the range of outstanding stencil artists of our time. Born in France, he just left his traces in London, where he held a signing session for his newest book yesterday at Signal Gallery.

C215 - London 1

C215 - London 2

C215 - London 3

Pictures by C215.

More info about C215

More works by C215

Blek le Rat, The 30 Year Anniversary Retrospective

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This retrospective features the artist’s private family photos, point and shoot images of his graffiti artwork from around the world, and full-color reproductions of his gallery pieces. The book is separated into two distinct sections: “Street Art” and “Fine Art,” both of which are augmented by the writing of celebrated scholars, critics, experts in relevant fields, fellow artists, journalists, collectors and gallerists. Lavishly illustrated with more than 200 images, “Blek le Rat,” the 30 year anniversary retrospective offers the first full history of this seminal artist’s tradition and legacy, featuring:

- Street art images from around the world
- Full-color reproductions of Blek le Rat’s fine art
- Never before seen images from the Prou family’s private archives
- 30+ essays from celebrated artists, scholars, critics and gallerists
from around the world.

Contributors include:
- Jonathan LeVine, Jonathan LeVine Gallery
- Jeffrey T. Iverson, Time Magazine
- Carol Kino, culture critic, journalist, and regular contributer to the New York Times
- Russell Howze, author of “Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art”
- Carlo McCormick, culture critic, curator and senior editor of Paper Magazine
- Waldemar Januszczak, Britain’s most distinguished art critic, writer for Sunday Times
- Jean-David Malat, Opera Gallery
- Justin Giarla, White Walls Gallery
- Anthony Lister, painter and installation artist
- Shepard Fairey, street artist

available here

Artbase 2011

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Last weekend 150 artists  (ROA, Emess, L.E.T., El Bocho, LoBros and many many more) celebrated the   “artbase”  festival  near Berlin.

Here are some impression. ( All pics by luckycat)

more infos:

All You Need to Know…

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Graffiti Book

Art meets political activism

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A new book about the social influence of and on modern art will be released in April 2011!


Art & Agenda – Political Art and Activism – this book strives to dive deep into the relationship between art, activism, and politics. It shows how emotionally charged issues can be communicated in a powerful way, a way words could never achieve. The book demonstrates how contemporary art not only reflects on political, social and economical topics but also build up its own agenda along the way. Therefore influencing and shaping the political and social discourse. Works of all kind – current urban interventions, installations, performances, sculptures, and paintings – form more than 100 young and established artist are featured in Art & Agenda, making it more than a documentary but a work that shows how art plays with current topics and thereby changes and affect the way we perceive and think about them.





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Suben and Gestalten announce the upcoming international release of the book:

European Release: April 2011 – International Release: May 2011

One could argue that today’s most innovative street artists come from Latin America. The unique visual styles of Os Gêmeos, Bastardilla, Vitché, Saner, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, and others are not only highly respected in the international art scene, but their work has also been exhibited at renowned museums including the Tate Modern and Fondation Cartier.
Nuevo Mundo provides a comprehensive documentation of current street art in Latin America by exploring the full spectrum of regional scenes in their impressive diversity. The book is structured into chapters that introduce work from Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
Nuevo Mundo features not only established artists from Latin America, but also promising new talents. In addition to inspiring images, the book’s informed texts describe the history and context of the region as a whole and also give insight into each scene.
The explosive mixture of indigenous cultures, local folklore, and the history of European colonization has created a unique visual style. The high regard in which these young street artists are now held around the world is a sign of the new self-confidence of an entire continent.

Maximiliano Ruiz has explored for years the subject of Latin American street art as author, curator, and film director. Previously based in Buenos Aires, he now works from Barcelona.

A book preview can be found at

Restless debt of a third world beauty

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Amazing film by Faith47

A book about Faith47 will be available be From here to fame publishing soon.


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